tamaNOTchi lives on another year! Thank you once again to all the donors! All the wonderful people who helped support this site are in the credits!

Welcome to tamaNOTchi!

tamaNOTchi are cute virtual pets you can customize, grow, and share on your blog or website! Visit A Random Pet!

Create and customize tamaNOTchi any way you'd like! Click tamaNOTchi and watch them grow!
Breed tamaNOTchi and build a family tree! Share on blogs, forums, profiles, and other social media!
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1 CarterSire EverlastingFlame 36475
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6 Bibie Lucie 11152
7 Jasper Dragon 7356
8 Niffy sienna 4829
9 Glaw Demareth 4224
10 Suki Lucie 3961
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