tamaNOTchi needs your help.

Important Announcement

Hi, Soyez here. I'm the creator and owner of tamanotchi.world.
I have some sad news to share with you all.

tamaNOTchi has become too expensive for me to keep running by myself. The tamanotchi.world domain name (what you type into the web browser to get here) gets more expensive every year. This year, it ran me $40.26 to keep this name. I'm just one person who started this website for fun and as a programming experiment, and I can't possibly afford to keep this going by myself anymore. Our ad provider shut down in 2018, too, so this website hasn't made any money since. I kept it alive regardless because this website is my baby, a lot of time and effort from my friends and myself went into this, and I really wanted to see it succeed. However, I realize the internet has changed quite a bit since tamaNOTchi v1 was conceived back in 2014. These pets can't readily be shared on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else is popular these days, and the internet will slowly but surely move further away from the forum websites these were created for with time.

I don't know how many people still use this website, but, I figure it can't hurt to ask for help. The tamanotchi.world name expires on June 10 of 2021. I would like to keep this website running for as long as I can. If you can spare it, I would deeply appreciate it if everyone reading this message would consider sending a few dollars via PayPal to admin@tamanotchi.world to help cover the costs of maintaining it. If you let me know what your user ID is in an email (you can copy your profile page link), I'll add the "Site Supporter" accolade to your user profile and I'll put your name in the site credits.

Fret not! If there isn't enough interest, I won't completely take the site down or anything like that. I'll probably just end up moving it to somewhere under allezsoyez.com. The only problem with doing this is that every single pet link on the internet right now will no longer work, and that all the links will have to be rewritten (and will likely be much longer than they are now, which will make the pets harder to share in forum signatures that have a character limit). It's a lot of work to move a website and rewrite all the links, and the site would be down for a few days until it's complete. With over 1000 pets created at this time of writing, that's a lot of broken links, but it is still better than having the site go away completely.

I'd like to thank each and every person who took the time to read this. I don't like "donation goals", but, well, my hope is to have at least $50 to cover the cost of tamanotchi.world for another year (while accounting for next year's price increase). If you are interested, we also have a few tamaNOTchi items available for sale on Society6, and those proceeds will also go towards keeping this site alive.

Thank you again for reading this, and thank you for being part of tamaNOTchi.

- Tate Frost | alleZSoyez

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